Thumble Tumble & The Cauldron of Undry – Bk 2


Price: £5.99 – Author: A. H. Proctor

Publication Date: 28th Ocotber 2016

ISBN: 9781909266131

Set on the mystical Isle of Arran, Thumble Tumble’s next adventures take place in and around Goatfell and Brodick Castle.
Thumble Tumble is a little witch who has no idea what dangers she will face when she enters the Devil’s Maze.
With time against her and an army of Night Witches hunting her down, she must find a way to get to the mysterious Holy Isle and release the power that lies within an enchanted cauldron.
Follow her adventure as she escapes bewitched gauntlets and crazed pixies on this extraordinary quest to find the magical Cauldron of Undry.
Thumble Tumble and the Cauldron of Undry will be the second in a series of eight books all about witches and dragons. As with all good fairy stories, there is the balance of good and evil. Thumble Tumbles first adventure, Thumble Tumble and the Ollpheist is available now.

Publication Date: 28th October

ISBN: 9781909266131

About the Author: A.H Proctor is a successful businesswoman, wife and mother who has unashamedly lived in a fantasy world for most of her life. Captivated from childhood by fairy stories and the world of the Brothers Grimm, her fertile imagination was held in check until she took her own young children to the beautiful and mystical Scottish Isle of Arran. When, one day, they asked her to tell them a story of witches and goblins, the floodgates opened.
Inevitably, Angela could not resist taking it a stage further and she began to write. The Thumble Tumble stories, set on mysterious Arran, were born. Angela has discovered that she has not only released her inner child – but found a way to escape the pressures of her high-powered ‘day job’ as an executive with a financial services company.